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Now You Can Avoid The High Costs Associated with
Revocable Living Trusts.

A Revocable Living Trust is more comprehensive than
a Will, providing a safe and legal way to manage your
assets while alive, then distribute those assets exactly
as desired upon death
Protect and distribute family assets with a
Revocable Living Trust!  
A Living Trust allows you to legally decide two important issues regarding
your wealth: how you want your assets and property managed while you
are alive; and how you want your assets and property distributed after
your death.

A Living Trust can provide for the distribution of property upon your
death, just like a Will. But a Living Trust is more effective in many ways. A
Will only takes effect upon death, while a Revocable Living Trust provides
the same ability to determine asset distribution upon death. Plus a Trust
provides a tool for protecting and managing property and assets during
your lifetime!

A Living Trust empowers a designated Trustee to manage the Trust's
assets and property for the benefit of you and your family. The Trustee
can be anyone you choose -- including yourself! The asset management
in a Living Trust covers any number of financial or property-based
transactions: making one-time or recurring cash payments to a
beneficiary; transferring assets upon a designated date; making financial
moves under a specific set of circumstances; etc.

Further, should you become physically or mentally incapacitated, a Living
Trust is critical: it allows you to designate in advance how you want your
estate handled without any direct court intervention or supervision. You
stay in control of your assets by making decisions and outlining them
within the Trust before any issue arises! The Probate Court is kept out of
the management of your estate.

Upon your death, the successor Trustee that you appoint within the Living
Trust will act much like the executor of a Will. The Trustee will gather your
assets, will pay any valid debts, claims and taxes, and will distribute your
property and assets as you have clearly directed. More importantly, the
structure of a Living Trust means the assets are owned by the Trust and
are not part of the deceased person's estate. That means there is usually
no need for a Probate Court's approval before the transfer. As such, the
often time-consuming and costly probate process can be avoided!
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