Immediately Stop Bill Collections

Harassing phone calls and demanding letters can add stress to an already stressful financial situation. It seems that creditors will stop at nothing to collect a debt.

Once you retain our office, we can talk to creditors on your behalf instead of you. This will take a big burden off your shoulders immediately!

Automatic Stay

The moment we file your case in court, an Automatic Stay will go into affect. The Automatic Stay stops:

  • Bill Collection Phone Calls!
  • Bill Collection Letters!
  • Lawsuits!
  • Garnishments!
  • Repossessions!
  • Foreclosures!
  • Bank Levies!
  • It even stops the IRS!

Many people consider the Automatic Stay the powerful part of bankruptcy!

We want to help protect you, but you must ...

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"Our job is to get creditors off your back
and keeping them off your back!"
RW Vaughn
Stop Collection Calls!
We can stop collection calls immediately! But you have to call us now at: 1-877-223-2151